I love building delightful things. Most recently, I was a Product Manager at Facebook. Before that, I was a software engineer, a product manager, and later a product designer at Google. I spent the last few years within the Google UXA design studio working on material design.

I have a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin, both with distinction. My graduate work was in Natural Language Processing.

I enjoy listening to music, drinking tea, taking photos, and traveling to far away remote places. I also dabble in music production and release a monthly podcast.

I would love to hear from you. You can reach me on Messenger, Twitter, or Email.


I did three internships at Google before joining right after graduation. I spent time on a variety of teams and roles during my tenure at Google. I led and managed the iOS search app, product managed Chrome and ChromeOS, product managed and designed Google Translate for iOS, and led iOS material design efforts across Google.

Roles: Software Engineer, Engineering Manager, Product Manager, Product Designer

Smart Dock

I founded, designed, and built a startup that put a second dock inside of your notification center. The secondary dock would give you the right apps, and the right actions at the right time. Got rejected by the App Store for duplication of Spring Board. A secondary app that removed core functionality got accepted to the App Store six months later.

Roles: Solo Founder, Designer, Engineer


I joined Facebook in London as a product manager. I unsuccessfully led the efforts to revive Moves app. I worked briefly on newsfeed sharing before leaving.

Roles: Product Manager


I joined educational startup ClassHive in Austin, TX while in grad school to lead mobile design and engineering. I designed, built, and shipped a native app for iPhone 3GS (2009).

Roles: Product Manager, Designer, Lead Engineer

Pulse Host

I founded, designed, and built a web hosting and web design firm while in High School (2002). Designed and built server, billing, and support software from scratch in php/MySQL. Hit $150,000 run rate. Sold right before high school graduation.

Roles: Founder, Designer, Engineer

Xbox Domain

I founded a fan site for the original Xbox in 1999 as an 11 year old. Website reached 100,000 unique visitors per month and $4,000 of monthly ad revenue.

Roles: Founder, Designer, Engineer